A Year of Awards - A Reflection on Tikiri's Triumphs!

We have had a truly amazing year of award winning, which given the circumstances, we are very humbled by. We thought this would be a great time to stand back and reflect on each triumph in order. 

Gift of the Year Award 2020

In 2020 we were absolutely delighted to win the Best Ethical Gift category for our Ocean Buddies Collection.

Tikiri gift of the year award

The Ocean Bubbies collection is made up of a variety of super cute sea creatures including a turtle, sea hose, crab, octopus, dolphin and a whale. They can all be used as bath toys, a rattle and as a teether all in one. One of their best features (along with all our other rubber toys) is that they have no holes in them which means water doesn’t get trapped inside which can eventually lead to mould growth.

Mom's Choice Awards 2021

Following this triumph Tikiri then wen't on to win a Mom's Choice Award in February this year for our Aria soft doll and our Midnight Dragon teething toy.

moms choice awards winner tikiri toys


To top off an already amazing 12 months we continued with our successes in gaining GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) accreditation. This is a really big deal for us as we are the first ever natural rubber toy company to win this award.

GOLS is essentially the organic certification for latex which is the type of rubber we use in all our bath and teething toys. It is the equivalent to the more well known GOT's (global organic textile standard) certifications for fabrics. 


Hot Diggity Awards 2021

When we thought it couldn't get any better we managed to scoop a Hot Diggity Awards for our gorgeous Lilith the Lama toy. The Hot Diggity panelists only award the best of the best with an award and it signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or educational value and a commitment to excellence. 

Hot Diggity award winner tikiri

Our toys are all handmade from sustainable natural organic rubber and are 100% plastic free. We put a strong emphasis on only selling non plastic toys to avoid harming the environment and we also make sure that our rubber is sourced in an environmentally friendly way by making sure our rubber trees remain in good health following latex extraction.

Other ways we work as an eco friendly company is by using bio degradable materials that are free from heavy metals, PVC, petroleum and phthalates. We use non toxic dyes and pigments that are perfectly safe for babies to chew. We also do our bit for plastic reduction and take part in beach cleans and environmental education.

Alongside our Ocean Buddies we also have several other collections of toys including farm animals, safari animals and our very popular magical dragons and unicorns. All of these can be used as 3 in 1 teethers, rattles and bath toys.

The reason Tikiri like to enter awards such as the Gift of the Year Awards, GOLS & the Moms Choice Awards is we like to demonstrate why our products are so good objectively. Every company can blow their own trumpet and say their own products are good but the best way to show this in a non biased way is to put all our toys and manufacturing methods to the test to really prove how much we care.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you - please feel free to contact us  leave a comment below. 

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