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Tikiri Supports Childrens Education through Diri Daru Initiative

Tikiri Supports Childrens Education through Diri Daru Initiative

Here at Tikiri we have a strong company belief that children's eduction is off the upmost importance. 
One of the main reasons we chose to create our children's teething toys as animals is we not only wanted them to help soothe teething symptoms but we also wanted to be used for educational purposes too. You can learn so much from animals and we have tired to portray that in out animal fun facts series on our blog. 
Zebra Fun Facts

Zebra Fun Facts

This blogs animal in the limelight is the stripy zebra! Lets face it - Zebras just look like stripy horses which is exactly what they are! They are part of the Equidae...

Octopus Fun Facts

Octopus Fun Facts

Octopuses really are fascinating creatures - they look like they belong in old fashioned deep water thriller films - think 20,000 leagues under the sea...

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