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Natural baby teether

Who are Tikiri Toys?

Welcome to Tikiri Toys- the home of Meiya and Alvin, Goodnight Wildwood and many more collections of baby teething toys, baby soothers, baby rattles and baby and toddler gifts. 

Why we Specialise in Natural Rubber Baby Teething Toys

When your baby starts teething it can be quote distressing for both your baby and you. You may start to notice baby teething symptoms such as sore gums, tantrums and a rash which are all unpleasant things for your baby to have. We have created a product line to help your baby get through this difficult time by easing teething symptoms and also soothing pain. 

Our baby teething toys are designed to be put in baby mouths which is why it's super important to us that they are natural and 100% safe. 

All our baby toys all meet the following standards:

                         - 100% pure natural rubber
                         - Certified plastic free baby toys - BPA free & Phthalate free
                         - Biodegradable, non-toxic and eco friendly baby toys
                         - Handmade & hand painted in Sri Lanka
                         - Socially responsible manufacturing  

Rest assured - when you buy a baby teething toy, soother or rattle from Tikiri Toys it will have been made using the highest quality standards. 

How are Tikiri Baby Toys Made?

Our baby toys are made to the highest standards of production and quality. Baby teethers and toys are made from 100% natural rubber from the latex of the Hevea tree and ethically sourced cotton materials.

Tikiri baby toys are handcrafted from eco friendly and sustainable natural materials. They are the natural choice for every child's formative years. 

For more information on how our baby teether and toys are made please visit our Quality and Standards page. 

Where are Tikiri Toys Available?

Today, Tikiri Toys can found across the world giving comfort to babies and toddlers through their early years.

Now available in the United Kingdom we hope you and your customers will love our products. If you do please tell your friends and family and we'd love to see your photos over on Instagram #tikiritoys

If you are interested in becoming a Tikiri Toys distributor or retailer then please visit our global site here

Warm wishes from Mano and the team in Sri Lanka and the UK

Mano Sheriff
Director / CEO