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Lockdown ideas to keep sane.

So its the start of another week of lockdown in the UK, normally we would be wishing that we were not at work but this week feels different. 

Our routines are all disrupted our friends are all in isolation as well and our children are climbing the walls.

Here are some tips that we hope will help improve your time at home if you are struggling. 

Get Dressed - sounds simple but with nowhere to go and no one to see its easy to sit around all day in your pyjamas. This won’t help your mood so make the effort for yourself and your family.

Create a routine - if you have work to do then make sure you create a space where you can work undisturbed, try and stick to your normal work breaks as this will keep you organised. 

If your homeschooling then make timetable and follow that, you can make learning at home creative.  So for maths why not bake some cakes, adding ingredients and weighing out is mathematical. Subtraction of how many cakes did mummy eat and how many are left. 

Get some fresh air, if you have a garden sit outside, if you have a window open it.

Make sure you keep connected, facetime, Skype, WhatsApp all have video calling If you don’t have these then just pick up the phone to talk to your loved ones, being in isolation is isolating and without human connection we can easily feel down. 

Limit the amount of news you listen to in the UK there are daily press briefings and a near constant stream of virus news, so whilst it is important to keep up to date it is also important to switch off. 

Entertaining children ideas, get them to create a story, draw a picture, put on a show, practical play is better than electronic play as you are creating something unique and using their imagination.

Learn something new, always wanted to draw, pick up a pencil, got a musical instrument gathering dust, get it out and do some practice.

If all else fails then there is good old hide and seek, with a twist, get your kids to hide and then maybe just forget to seek for a while.

Whatever you do stay safe and be kind.


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