Rubber Baby Toy Dragons

Our midnight dragons are born in Sri Lanka and then they fly all over the world in search of new adventures and children to love and play with them.

The dragon is a legendary creature, belonging to the world of mythology, storytelling and magic.

Tales of dragons exist in all cultures across the world.
Dragons can have between 0 - 4 legs, they can look like a snake or a lizard with wings.

In ancient Chinese mythology, the people believed that there were three species of dragons; these were known as "lung" (sky), "li" (sea) and "kiau" (marsh) dragons.

The ancient Greeks had their own dragons. They believed that there were four different species of dragons, which included the fire-breathing Chimera, a serpent called Dracones, a marine being named Cetea and a fearsome female monster named Dracaenae.

Dragons are very good at acting and have been found in some of the top movies, like Harry Potter, How to train your Dragon, Petes Dragon, The Hobbit, Dragonheart and many more.

Dragons love gold, and are often found sleeping on it. Ours prefer flowers or soft duvets.

Some dragons ate fair maidens, but in line with environmental concerns they have now switched to a plant based diet so enjoy lots of different fruits and vegetables. though they are not keen on sprouts, for obvious reasons.

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