The First 9 Months

The first 9 months 

Children grow up so fast don’t they, every day we see little changes as they move from a bundle off goo to a fully formed little person. 

If you have a little bundle of joy, then there are some key stages of development in the first year you will see. 

At 5 months old your baby will be able to :
Balance head well when sitting.
Sit with slight support.
Pull feet up to mouth when supine.
Grasp objects with whole hand (Rt. or Lt.).
Hold one object while looking at another 

At 6 Months old your baby will be able to 
Sit alone briefly.
Turn completely over ( abdomen to abdomen ).
Lift chest and upper abdomen when prone.
Hold own bottle.

At 9 months old your baby will be able to 
Rise to sitting position alone.
Crawl (i.e., pull body while in prone position).
Hold one bottle with good hand-mouth coordination 

So much development in the space of 9 months, :) 

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