Natural Rubber Unicorn - Fun Facts

Unicorns are thought to be a legendary mystical animal - but we know they are real because 2,400 years ago, Ctesias, a greek Physician wrote about an animal that lived in Persia The animal is said to have blue eyes , a white body and one horn on its head. - now if that doesn’t sound like a Unicorn, I’m not sure what else would.

The unicorn is Scotlands national animal, and was first used on the Scottish royal coat of arms by William the 1st in the 12th century, and on April the 9th every year Scots celebrate National Unicorn day.

Unicorns are thought to be good and pure creatures with magical powers, they are protectors of people, though before this they were thought of as nasty aggressive creatures. Which just goes to show that time can change how people perceive you, so don’t worry to much about what people think.

Unicorns appear in the art work from ancient Mesopotamia, India and China, plus on the front of may buildings.

Unicorn symbols were used as seals on clay tablets in 3000 BC

A Narwhal a unicorn of the sea, is a a medium sized whale and can be between 13ft - 18ft. They live in the cold water around Canadian and Greenland, they are not as pretty as a proper unicorn, but looks are not everything. They are still majestic and beautiful creature and have the same single horn, which is actually a tooth with upto 10 million nerve endings inside.

Christian legend says the only way to catch a unicorn is to be a bare chested fair maiden and go into the forest alone, the Unicorn will come and fall asleep in your lap, We do not recommend this as a way to catch Unicorns, you are more likely to catch a cold, so stay nice and safe tucked up at home with a jumper on.

There are nine references to unicorns in king James version of the old testament.

There were Pharmacies in London in 1741 reported to be selling powdered unicorn horn for healing, Even “ he shall not be named “ drank unicorn blood to stay alive in Harry potter and the Philosophers stone. All practices that use parts of animals to make us better are wrong.

Unicorns horn is called an Alicorn.

Lake Superior offers a Unicorn Questing License and you can apply on line to get one. There are lots of regulations on what you must do on your Unicorn quest and you are required to have certain number of Unicorn related kit items in your bag , such as “ A small bottle of hoof and horn polish “ and a “One ounce bottle of Unicorn lure”

Whatever you do this weekend, be like a Unicorn and be kind, proud and above all be good to people you meet.

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