Tikiri Supports Childrens Education through Diri Daru Initiative

Diri Daru Pranama - Supporting Children's Education 

Here at Tikiri we have a strong company belief that children's eduction is off the upmost importance. 


One of the main reasons we chose to create our children's teething toys as animals is we not only wanted them to help soothe teething symptoms but we also wanted to be used for educational purposes too. You can learn so much from animals and we have tried to portray that in our animal fun facts series on our blog. 


Since 2010 we have taken part in the Diri Daru Pranama initiative which emphasises the importance of education among the children of the DSL (Tikiri parent company) employees. We do this by giving educational hampers to their children which contain things like stationary and school essentials to really help them on their way. 


This is the 13th year we have done this as we strongly believe all children, no matter what their background, deserve the best start in life. By giving them access to educational tools we can hopefully help them on their way to being able to have opportunities and make good life choices for their future. 


So far, over 7,200 donations have been provided since 2010 through the DSL Diri Daru Pranama program.


Our CEO, Mano, would like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to our management on behalf of all staff of the company for allocating required funds even during this turbulent business environment.

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